Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spring Break Bikini Contest Of All Time

Currencies: A fairly narrow range overnight, but clear evidence of the pro-growth, risk-on trade. CHF and JPY underperformed, while NZD, AUD and CAD outperformed.
EUR/USD. Stonewalled at 1.30

EUR/USD (1.3003) is up overnight and continuing to press upwards for a breach of 1.30. However, 1.30 continues to prove stubborn resistance, leaving the currency to languish in a sub-1.30 consolidation.


* Trend: Daily lower; Weekly higher.
* Overbought/Oversold (stochastics): Daily overbought; Weekly neutral.
* Support / Resistance Levels: Support for EUR/USD lies at 1.25 (psychological), 1.2152 (Jun 29 low), 1.1877 (Jun7 low), 1.1827 (Mar’06 low), and 1.1640 (Nov’05 low). Resistance lies at 1.3029 (Jul20 high), 1.3094 (May10 high), 1.3692 (Apr12 high), 1.3818 (Mar17 high), 1.4026 (Feb3 high), 1.4194 (Jan25 high), 1.4579 (Jan13 high) and 1.4626 (Nov low).

* The CFTC, EUR, non-commercial, net position (-26K) moderated slightly, consistent with the continued test higher to above 1.30 in EUR/USD up to Tuesday.
* The risk reversal (3m, 25delta) rose along with the rally in spot. The reversal is still heavily skewed for EUR downside, but it lies in the middle of its six month range – suggesting two way price action.
* Implied Vol (3m) fell overnight. It has dropped into the bottom-third of its six-month range but is not yet extreme.

Cross-asset valuation: The significant correlations that EUR/USD has during the past 60 days are the 10yr yield spread (positive), the US10yr yield (positive) and the SPX (positive).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Luciana Vendramini appears on the cover

HSBC Home Loan Interest Rates 2010 - How to Find the Best Rates?
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited is one of the leading banks in the world and have branches in India. It offers Home loans as one of the financial products. If you spend some time and analyze the scheme details offered by HSBC, then you can get a good home loan rates for buying your dream home. This article will also guide you for the same.

HSBC Home Loan interest rates 2010:

HSBC offers housing loans for any type of resident Indians and NRI. You can either apply for a home finance with fixed interest or floating interest. In case if you need to migrate from a floating rate to a fixed rate, you can do it by approaching the bank. They will shift the loan schemes from a floating rate to a fixed rate free of charge.

Regarding interest rates, after July 01, 2010 the interest would be fixed based on a "HSBC Base Rate". This base rate would change periodically and you have to get the latest rates from HSBC bank or related websites. The loans sanctioned before July 01, 2010 the interest rates would be based on "HSBC Retail Lending Rate". This retail lending rate would also vary periodically and you have to check the websites for latest rates.

How to Find the Best Rates?

You have to spend some time by comparing the interest offered by HSBC for various home loan schemes and analyze the best. You can find more guidance for analyzing the same is available in related websites.

Next Step: Start analyzing the best rates for HSBC Home Loans.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jessica Jane Clement put on another smoke show for Nuts

A week spent speculating which banks might fail their ‘stress tests'
Political and Economic Developments

The Bank of Canada raised it key rate by 25 basis points to 0.75%; Brazil raised its Selic rate 50 basis points to 10.75%, slightly less than expected on negative inflation in June. UK Q2 GDP came in a better than expected +1.1% Q/Q taking Y/Y growth to +1.6%, helped in part by June Retail Sales which rose by 1.0% M/M and +3.1% Y/Y excluding auto-fuel. No doubt the football World Cup had an effect, but this keeps it at the average of the last decade. With June Core CPI also running at +3.1% Y/Y (RPI +5.0% Y/Y and among the highest in two decades) yet Gilts maturing within 9 years yielding under 3.00%, real interest rates are decidedly negative. Pity then that National Savings and Investments was forced to withdraw its index-linked securities (RPI +1.00% per annum) to all new investors, the first time in their 35-year history, because of huge inflows. Hometrack has annual house prices rising by under 3.00% or shrinking since December 2007, Rightmove suggests +3.7% Y/Y, though the Halifax and Nationwide calculate 6.3% and 8.7% respectively. Gains on main homes tax free. German and Eurozone Purchasing Managers’ Indices, IFO and Consumer Confidence Surveys all upbeat versus June’s.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Females I’d Actually Pay to See in a Skin Flick''

Currencies: GBP significantly outperformed, followed by the EUR, on stronger data out of Germany and the UK
GBP/USD. In upchannel, but stalled at 1.55

Cable (1.5432) jumped overnight, boosted by a strong GDP report. Spot remains within the uptrending channel since May, but it has also failed to make a new high for six sessions


* Trend: Daily lower; Weekly higher.
* Overbought/Oversold (stochastics): Daily overbought; Weekly neutral.
* Support/Resistance Levels: Resistance lies at 1.5472 (Jul15 high), 1.5524 (Apr15 high), 1.5816 (Feb17 high), 1.6284 (Jan22 high), 1.6458 (Jan19 high), 1.6479 (61.8% retracement of Nov to Dec decline), 1.6722 (Dec 3 high), 1.6878 (Nov16 high) and 1.7043 (Aug high). Support lies at 1.50 (psychological), 1.4949 (Jun12 low), 1.4239 (May19 low) and 1.3503 (Jan’09 low).

* The CFTC, GBP, non-commercial, net-position moderated to -35K, and it has consolidated the past three weeks, consistent with the consolidation of spot just above 1.50 up through Tuesday.
* The risk reversal (3m, 25delta) remained stable overnight and remains near the highs since Feb. While it remains skewed for GBP losses, it is also in the upper end of its six-month range, which suggests an overbought condition.
* Implied Vol (3mo) ticked higher overnight but remains near the low since Jan.
Cross-asset valuation: The significant correlates over the past two months for GBP/USD have been the DXY (negative), EUR/USD (positive), and S&P500 (positive).
USD/CHF. Compressing down on sub-1.05 support

USD/CHF (1.0453) is up overnight but is trading lower intra-day highs and pressing down on the Jul 22 low of 1.0395.

* Trend: daily higher; weekly lower.
* Overbought/Oversold (stochastics): Daily oversold; Weekly neutral.
* Support/Resistance levels: Resistance lies at 1.05 (psychological), 1.0676 (Jul12 high) and 1.1742 (Apr’09 high), while support lies at 1.0395 (Jul22 low) and 1.0131 (Jan low).


* The CFTC non-commercial net position jumped into positive territory (+13K) for the first time since Jan. This is significantly positive for CHF relative to the past six months and could suggest a potential turn higher in USD /CHF, especially with spot stalled around 1.04 support.
* The risk reversal (3m, 25delta) fell overnight despite the rise in spot. It remains near its low since Oct’09. This market segment has abandoned its bullish USD / CHF call, but the skew is very close to a six-month low, suggesting potential for a rally in spot.
* Implied Vol (3mo) is down overnight and cannot seem to rally from multi-year lows.
Cross-asset valuation: USD / CHF has correlated mostly strongly during the past 60 days with EUR/USD (negative) and the USD index (positive).

Friday, July 23, 2010

Miss USA Rima Fakih is still modeling bikinis

Getting Effective Prostate Treatment
Another health issue that most men usually encounter due to old age is prostate cancer. At the age of 50, many men are encountering such condition that usually can get worse when it is not treated accordingly. The growth of men's prostate is the main cause of this sickness that can really hurt men's health.

As a man grow old, his prostate gain weight until such time that he will feel symptoms that will lead to prostate cancer. As observation, as man grows old they usually have difficulties in urinating, leaking urine and a feeling of having full bladder.

There are many prostate treatment that are available that will help you with cure this kind of sickness, but of course it should be according to your doctor's recommendation which of the treatment you will undergo in able to succeed in treating prostate cancer. Treatment such as surgery, hormonal therapy and radiation surgery can be one of the ways that can help you with your sickness.

But of course you have to carefully learn things about this method and make sure that you will have the best treatment for your prostate cancer. But if you want to have a safer to have prostate treatment you can have those medications that are available over the counter. Most of the time this pills can help you treat the enlargement of your prostate without over spending or undergo pain of the surgeries.

Take time to look on those prostate treatment that can give good effect in treating enlargement of your prostate. It will be hard to just let it pass and bear the pain that it provide you, always make sure that you will have the best treatment in able for you to prevent having those painful and irritable symptoms that enlargement of prostate can bring.
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